Home Buyers


Tips for Home Buyers


Assess Your Needs

Being prepared will make your buying experience a positive one. Asses your needs in a new home, including any features that you will want. Then look at the prices of homes in the area you will want to live. After you have an idea of what the home go for in that area, see what you can afford. Your monthly payment should not exceed one third of your gross income.

Consult With a Real Estate Agent

A professional real estate agent can tell you what the market looks like and what you can expect to pay for the home you desire. Agents will often have lenders they work with that can navigate you through the lending process. Having an agent and lender that work as a team is a huge advantage when you make a home purchase

House Hunting

Getting to see so many homes will give you new ideas and may change some of you needs when you first were in the planning stages. This is often the most enjoyable part of the purchasing experience. You should spend plenty of time searching through MLS listings in your area. the search feature will help you narrow the search down to the perfect home.

Make an Offer

Making an offer does not mean you will be buying the home. The market is always changing. At times sellers will entertain offers below list and at other they will be expecting offers over list. Your real estate agent will know the current market and will be able to advise you of what has been commonplace at the current market.


It is common to receive a counter offer from the seller, sometimes asking for a higher price or countering on any contingencies you included in your offer.. At that point a buyer can accept the counter offer, submit a counter offer of your own or move on looking at more homes.

Get Insurance

Before you can close on the home you will need to obtain insurance. The real estate agent and lender can advise you of the insurances needed to meet these requirement. You are free to purchase this insurace from any provider approved in the state of California. it is advised to obtain earthquake insures when purchasing a California Home.


Closing or as it is often referred, “escrow” . The standard period for escrow is 30 days. However, during negotiations you may  agreed to a shorter or longer period. During escrow, title records are checked for errors, loan and title documents are signed taxes and other claims must be settled, and the buyer is allowed a final walk through to make sure the condition of the property has not changed. After all the necessary paperwork is signed and filed and escrow has closed, the new owners receive the keys to their new home and are free to move in.



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